COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - All online maritime professional training/certification courses are now approved for their respective exams to be taken ONLINE through NMI's HALO Exam Monitoring Software. No travel necessary.

Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO°) is a comprehensive maritime e-Learning system designed to bring quality maritime training to any mariner, anytime anywhere! NEMO° is designed to administer online maritime education for every kind of learner through reading, graphics, video, and even simulator exercises. NEMO° offers many different maritime training courses online, including U.S. Coast Guard approved courses, STCW Training Courses, Commonwealth of Dominica Registry approved courses, with many more on the way.

NEMO° is driven through Northeast Maritime Institute’s creed to “Honor the Mariner.” Bringing online maritime training to mariners aboard or ashore, any where with an internet connection. Northeast Maritime Institute strives to ensure every mariner can access high quality maritime education no matter where they are.

You can access U.S. Coast Guard Approved Courses, Commonwealth of Dominica Registry Courses, Tonga Training Courses, and Examination Preparation Materials to further your maritime career, just click one of the links below!