MassCEC Training Program

MassCEC Training Program

In partnership with the Gloucester Fishermen's Wives Development Program (GFWDP)

The Gloucester Fishermen's Wives Association
MassCEC, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

This program, funded by the MassCEC 2020 Offshore Wind Workforce Training and Development Program, will provide formal training to fishermen to obtain their Merchant Mariner Credentials. 

Participants will obtain their training and licenses through the Northeast Maritime Institute (NMI). For any Massachusetts fishermen looking to participate in this program who feel they could meet the License requirements below, please contact Angela Sanfilippo at the GFWDP:


If you have been selected to participate in the program, the GFWDP will send your information to NMI.

NMI will reach out to you directly by phone or email to begin the process of enrolling in your training courses. 

Due to complications from COVID-19, the majority of training will be completed online through NMI’s globally renowned online learning system, Northeast Maritime Online or NEMO. NMI will work with each student to ensure they are comfortable and well equipped to take the course at home. Any training materials needed to take the course will be mailed to each student directly. 

Courses can be accessed at


Each participant will be taking courses to obtain their Able Seaman certificate and 100-Ton Master’s License to work on vessels requiring Merchant Mariner Credentials. The online courses are self-paced but final assessments and in-person coursework will be scheduled. 

Any questions regarding courses and licensing, please contact NMI via the buttons below (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm):

The following courses will be completed:

  • Able Seafarer Deck
  • Rating Forming Part of a Navigational Watch
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft (Lifeboatman)
  • Basic Training (First Aid/CPR, Basic Firefighting, Personal Survival Techniques, Personal Safety)
  • Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV) + Upgrade OUPV to Master 100 Ton
  • FCC Marine Radio Operators Permit

The dates for final assessments and in-person coursework are TBD and will be PUBLISHED HERE. 


Licensing Requirements for 100 Ton Master/Able Seafarer

  1. TWIC Card:
    1. US Passport or 2 forms of government issued ID
    2. Must be a US citizen, lawful permanent resident, naturalized citizen, or a nonimmigrant alien, asylee, or refugee
      who is in lawful status
    3. List of disqualifying offences can be found
  2. USCG Application (CG-719B)
  3. Merchant Mariner’s Oath (must be signed by a notary)
  4. Physical (CG-719K)
  5. Drug Test (CG-719P)
    1. Must be able to pass a DOT drug panel
  6. Disclosure Statement (CG-719C) if any legal trouble in the past
    1. Trouble free for 3 years
    2. If loss of drivers license proof of reinstatement
  7. Documented Sea Service (CG-719S) or letter from the company or boat owner with amount of days at sea, location, vessel name and registration number, and tonnage.
  8. Course certificates

100 Ton Master Sea Service Requirements

What is sea time?

  • 720 days of service in the deck department
  • 180 on vessels of at least 51GT or 360 days on vessels of 34GT or above
  • Not necessary to have all requisite sea time at the time of enrollment to the courses, but they must have it prior to Application
    Submission to the USCG for their Merchant Mariner Credential.

Able Seaman Ratings Sea Service Requirements

  • AB Special 360 days
  • AB Limited 540 days on vessels of 100GT or more
  • AB Unlimited 1080 Days on Oceans or Great Lakes


NMI will process all applications for Merchant Mariner Credentials on behalf of students participating in the MassCEC program, to better ensure that applications are completed correctly.  

***NMI does not provide formal advice regarding USCG license eligibility and cannot guarantee an individual’s eligibility for any specific license or credential.  NMI accepts no responsibility or liability for the accuracy or validity of general information provided. Information is provided purely as a courtesy, convenience and without cost.  Individuals seeking confirmation of eligibility for any specific USCG license or credential must contact the USCG directly for an evaluation.

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