Tank Barge Dangerous Liquids PIC

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Tank Barge Dangerous Liquids PIC

U.S. Coast Guard (Domestic)

This 40 hour course includes the theory, examination and practical demonstrations required for an endorsement as Tankerman-PIC (Barge) (DL). The course is delivered through both lectures and hands-on exercises on our Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator. Topics include: Maritime Law and Regulations, Pollution Prevention, Safety Measures, Operational Practice, Dangerous Liquids Attributes and Oil Tanker Safety.


  • Basic Firefighting


  • Advanced Firefighting
  • Upgrade to Tankerman – PIC (Ship) (DL)

For information regarding course dates, please contact our Registration Office.

USCG Approval:
Any applicant who successfully completes your Tank Barge Dangerous Liquids Course (NOREMI-491) and applies for endorsement within five years of completion:

  • Satisfies the course requirements of 46 CFR 13.301(c)(4) for original issuance OR 13.120(c)(2) for renewal of Tankerman-PIC (Barge) (DL): AND
  • Satisfies the cargo course requirements of 46 CFR 13.401(e)(1) for original issuance OR 13.120(b)(2) for renewal of Tankerman-Assistant (DL); AND
  • Meets the standards of competence, required by 46 CFR 13.609(a)(2), of Section A-V/1, Table A-V/1-1-1 of the STCW Code for Basic Oil AND Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations; AND
  • Provided the applicant also supplies a statement signed by the Master, or Chief Mate of an Oil AND/OR Chemical Tanker, appropriate to the endorsement sought, that the mariner has demonstrated to the satisfaction of the signer that he or she is fully capable of supervising the transfer and operations of dangerous liquid cargo in accordance with the guidance found in Navigation Vessel Inspection Circular 22-14 (Encl 1, paragraphs 4 or 5):

Meets the Standards of competence, required by 46 CFR 13.603(b)(2) OR 13.605(b)(2), of Section A-V/1, table A-V/1-1-2 OR A-V/1-2-3 of the STCW Code for Advanced Oil AND/OR Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations limited to non-self-propelled vessels

PRICE: $1,375.00 USD

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