Proficiency in Survival Craft (Lifeboatman)

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Proficiency in Survival Craft (Lifeboatman)

U.S. Coast Guard (Domestic)

This 40 hour Proficiency in Survival Craft (Lifeboatman) Course provides the necessary theory, exam and practical demonstrations required for an endorsement as a Lifeboatman. The class is offered in lieu of the Coast Guard exam and incorporates training on our full-size lifeboat and davits. Scheduled exam/assessment sessions generally require a full-day for completion.

Liferafts, Lifeboats, Davits, Safety Procedures and Survival.


  • Basic Safety Training
  • Basic Safety Training Blended


  • Able Seafarer Deck Blended

For information regarding course dates, please contact our Registration Office.

USCG Approval:
Any applicant who has successfully completed your Proficiency in Survival Craft (NOREMI-372) course will satisfy the competency requirements of Table A-VI/2-1 of the STCW, as amended 2010, for Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Other Than Fast Rescue Boats (PSC) and will satisfy the professional examination and practical demonstration requirements of 46 CFR 12.407(b)(3) for endorsements for Lifeboatman and PSC.

Applicants are not required to present completed record of assessment sheets when applying for the STCW endorsement.

PRICE: $1,250.00 USD

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