Crisis Management and Human Behavior

On-Site Courses

Crisis Management and Human Behavior

U.S. Coast Guard (Domestic)

This 12 hour course meets the mandatory minimum requirements for the training for masters, chief mates and persons assigned immediate responsibility for embarking and disembarking passengers, loading, discharging or securing cargo or closing hull openings, and any other person having a responsibility for the safety of passengers in emergency situations.

Vehicle and Passenger Movement, Cargo Safety and Hull Integrity, Emergency Procedures and Communications.

***Must meet Shipboard Practical Exercise/Assessment Attestation

For information regarding course dates, please contact our Registration Office.

USCG Approval:
Any applicant who has successfully completed your Crisis Management & Human Behavior (NOREMI-138) course will satisfy the Crisis Management & Human Behavior training requirements of 46 CFR 11.1105(a)(1)(iii); AND, Table A-V/2 and Paragraph 3 of Section A-V/2; AND, the Passenger Safety, Cargo Safety and Hull Integrity training requirements of Paragraph 4 of Section A-V/2 of the STCW Code, As Amended 2010.

PRICE: $400.00 USD

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