POSITIONS: Senior Deckhand / Able Seaman

COMPANY: Seafair


Seafair Cruises operates the Grand Luxe in Miami for the last 15 years and a new vessel being constructed for the Naples market. Seafair offers once in a lifetime experiences for our charter clients and their guests. The Seafair brand is iconic in Miami and the vessel is a fixture on the Miami waterfront.

The M/V Grand Luxe is a 224’ 600-passenger small passenger vessel berthed in Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami. The Grand Luxe is the largest charter vessel in Florida and the Seafair is an iconic brand on the Miami waterfront. Most charters are in Miami, with occasional repositioning to other Florida regional cities. The ships operate in different divisions similar to a cruise ship with marine, engineering, food & beverage, hospitality, and entertainment.

This candidate for this position is an entry level professional mariner with experience or interest in the passenger service. Although the ship’s AO is generally local, the Grand Luxe is a 2700 GT multi-departmental enterprise and requires diligence and professionalism from her crew.

The position is a year-round, full time, non-rotational role. Some crew members live aboard, while some commute to work and sleep aboard during their designated night watches.

Bridge Management

  • The senior deckhand / AB will have daily watchkeeping and recordkeeping responsibilities related to daily, drill, inspection, & security logs
  • Document’s work completed in the ship’s SMS logs & software
  • Documents charter & navigation entries into the navigation log
  • Maintain familiarity with CFR 46 and ISM Code
  • Ensuring the wheelhouse is always tidy and ready for navigation


  • Purchase of parts, supplies, crew provisions, uniforms, & equipment
  • Processing of crew purchase requests & purchase orders
  • Recruitment & hiring of shore day labor & skilled trades

Deck Operations

  • Serve as a supervisory rating and oversee the boatswain and the deck crew
  • Supervisory responsibility for the maintenance of a strong safety culture aboard the vessel at all times.
  • Ensure the ongoing maintenance, tidiness & cleanliness of the vessel
  • Ensure rigging, moorings, & deck hardware are always in perfect condition
  • Participate in or lead weekly drills. Schedule part time staff’s attendance in drills.

Watch standing / Vessel Operations

  • Serve as a rating forming part of a navigation watch
  • Performs helmsman and deck watch during specified periods as assigned by the Captain.
  • Determines geographical position of the ship, using all available means such as GPS, radar ranges, visual observations, depth sounders, etc.
  • Helm the vessel in narrow channels, and assists with docking the vessel.
  • With proper training, ability to serve as relief coverage for the mate.

Passenger Service

  • Work in concert with all ship’s departments in delivering exceptional service to our charter clients and their guests
  • Ensure that the interior and the exterior are always in ‘show ready’ condition.


  • Holding an MMC with a rating is preferred. The position can be unlicensed or unrated.
  • Foreign licenses, STWC endorsements, or ratings can be favorably considered.
  • A candidate must be ready to accept a full-time year-round position in Miami, FL.
  • Computer literacy with experience in computerized SMS systems is preferred.
  • Eligibility to work in the United States is a requirement.

Interested applicants should inquire via email @ captain@seafairmiami.com

Posted July 14, 2021

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