POSITIONS: Deck Engineer

DEPARTMENT: Windfarm Operations

COMPANY: Seaward Services

LOCATION: New Bedford, Massachusetts

As a Deck Engineer, you will be responsible for supporting the operations of the vessel through maintenance of machinery and equipment. You will report to the Master, and support operations through technical aptitude, drive, and the understanding of the vessel’s capabilities. In addition to the responsibilities as an engineer, you will also be required to assist as with deck operations.


  • The Deck Engineer must work in a safe, methodical and consistent manner under the immediate direction and guidance of the vessel captain while performing the tasks outlined by captain. The following duties and responsibilities are some but not necessarily an entire list of the duties and responsibilities that will be asked of the employee.
  • Perform preventative maintenance on diesel engines and other machinery found on passenger vessels. This includes but may not be limited to diesel main engines, diesel auxiliary generators, engine room and top side equipment, marine reduction gears, hydraulic systems for steering, cranes, and thrusters.
  • Assist the company Port Engineer with heavy machinery maintenance and repair work including engine valve gear timings, injector changes, cylinder head and liner overhauls. This may also include machinery rigging in and out of vessels.
  • Underwater machinery maintenance and repair both in the vessel and in dry dock.
  • Vessel plumbing maintenance and repairs to pipes, valves, tanks and pumps.
  • Vessel electrical troubleshooting and maintenance of generators, motors, control systems, sensors and related wiring. This includes low voltage and battery powered equipment and 115-208-volt electrical generation and switching, wiring and outlets.
  • Maintenance and repair of pneumatic engine starters, pneumatic engine controls, air compressors, accumulators and valves as part of air starting and engine control equipment.
  • Assist with dry dock repairs at the shipyards. This may involve staying aboard the vessel during the dry-dock period.
  • The Deck Engineer may be asked to assist the Captain and Mate with vessel daily top side responsibilities. This may involve shared housekeeping chores, galley chores, maintenance of ship service equipment, plumbing and HVAC maintenance, as well as outer deck and deck machinery repairs and maintenance.
  • When tending a ship or during docking operations the Deck Engineer will likely be asked to assist with line handling, loading and offloading of materials, fueling, or any other operational aspects of a ship of this class and duties.


  • High School Diploma
  • Marine engineer, either licensed or unlicensed with prior experience in the passenger or work boat fields, fishing fleet, oil field supply or crew vessel fleet, tug vessel fleet. OR,
  • Mate or Deckhand with experience in the fore mentioned work vessel fleets and has a strong background in machinery and motor vessel maintenance and repair as well as a strong desire to gain further engineering knowledge from our experienced Captains and Port Engineers.
  • This is a safety sensitive position requiring the applicant to undergo pre employment and random chemical testing as part of Hornblower’s company policies, as well as conduct themselves in a safe, disciplined, and professional manner aboard the vessel at all times.

Posted April 24th, 2023

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