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POSITION: Qualified Member of the Engine Department (QMED) – Oiler

COMPANY: Hornbeck Offshore

LOCATION: Covington, LA

Summary Description: Responsible for operating and maintaining the engine room and other mechanical systems and equipment aboard the vessel to which he/she is assigned.

Position: Qualified Member of the Engine Department – Oiler (QMED)

Scope of Duties and Responsibilities: Responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Safe operation and routine maintenance of the vessel’s propulsion, auxiliary and other mechanical systems in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations of the vessel’s flag, the international community, Company policies and procedures, and the manufacturer’s recommendations in a manner responsible to the safety of the crew.
  • Under the direct and active supervision of a licensed officer, loading and storing of bunkers, lubricating oils and transferring of bunkers and oils to other vessels or offshore structures, and storage and management of bilge and bilge slops in accordance with Company procedures and in a manner responsible to the safety of the crew and the protection of the natural environment.
  • Responsible care and use of the vessel’s consumable spares, mechanical stores and tools inventories

Required Qualifications: Possess the following valid certifications or licenses:

  • Merchant Mariners Credentials (MMC) with QMED Rating
  • Rating Forming Part of an Engineering Watch (RFPEW)
  • STCW
  • Valid Passport (minimum six (6) months prior to renewal)

Demands and Work Environment: Incumbents must be able to:

  • Lift and move equipment that weighs up to 50 pounds or more
  • Move equipment that is heavy, large, and awkward, sometimes from one level to another.
  • Ascend and descend stairs and ladders, sometimes while transporting tools or objects.
  • Use portable ladders or stools to allow them to work on systems that are located in the overhead section of machinery spaces. Repairs may require that incumbents reach into small, poorly accessible areas of machinery.
  • Work on equipment that has pressurized or hot components; secure or segregate systems to provide an adequate safety margin
  • Troubleshoot equipment that is difficult to reach
  • Work in areas that have high noise levels
  • Work below decks in an area that may experience periods of darkness in unusual situations
  • Work in confined and restricted spaces
  • Demonstrate sufficient physical dexterity to enable them to manipulate small items in restricted spaces or large objects when using mechanical lifting devices.
    Performing assigned emergency duties without undue danger to himself /herself or the vessel.

Hitch may be a 28/14 day rotation (projected to be 243 days worked per year) or a 28/28 rotation (projected to be183 days worked per year) and will commence on or before 12/31/2020.

Quality Service Incentive Bonus Opportunity.

Hornbeck Offshore is an M/F/EEO/AA Employer/Vet/Disabled

Posted April 8, 2021

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