POSITIONS: Licensed Engineer

COMPANY: McAllister Towing

LOCATION: Providence, Rhode Island

Description/Job Summary
The Engineer is an experienced skilled crewmember on board the vessel’s engineering department. The Engineer is directly responsible for the proper operation and maintenance of all mechanical equipment on the boat


  • Responsible for the good condition and efficiency working of the entire machinery plant of the vessel including main engines, propulsion, and auxiliary machinery, all electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic machinery, steering machinery, and all associated components, deck machinery and any and all other valves, pipes, watertight integrity of the vessel
  • Maintain compliance with the quality, safety, and environmental management system as detailed in the McAllister Operations Manual
  • Superintends the procuring, loading, use and transfer and discharge of all potable water, ballast water, fuel oil, lube oil, ascertaining that said products are of proper quality and quantity when received on board and making the proper entries in the log and on the Fuel Transfer Certificate
  • Repairs all machinery and equipment onboard the vessel within his capacity and completes the daily engine log each day
  • Other duties as assigned

Required Skills

  • A High School Diploma or equivalent is required
  • Valid U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner’s Document
  • Valid Transportation Workers Identification Card
  • Must pass pre-employment drug test
  • Must pass pre-employment physical
  • Two years as an Assistant Engineer


  • The physical evaluation guidelines for employment aboard BPPJ vessels are based on the United States Coast Guard NAVIC 2-98 “Physical Evaluation guidelines for Merchant Mariner’s Document and Licenses”
  • You must have the physical ability to operate heavy machinery
  • Repair work may involve assignments to work beneath machines and in close quarters
  • Frequent stooping and bending required

The Engineer is responsible and accountable to the Port Engineer. He needs to keep Captain apprised of issue(s) or his or her relief.

Posted April 6, 2022

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