POSITIONS: QMED/Oiler Personnel

COMPANY: Guice Offshore



  • Assist the chief engineer and assistant engineer in doing daily maintenance or repairs to vessel equipment.
  • Oil and grease moving parts, such as gears, shafts and bearings of engines and auxiliary equipment used to propel maritime vessels
  • Start and stop auxiliary machinery
  • Assist with lining up valves and lines for engine room systems
  • Perform daily, weekly, monthly preventative maintenance
  • Keep engine room and other machinery spaces clean and oil free
  • Fill oil cups on machinery with grease and lubricating oil according to machinery lubrication instructions.
  • Read pressure and temperature gauges, recording data in the engineering log
  • Clean and paint the machinery space and all the machinery in it to prevent corrosion
  • Take readings and measurements to examine machinery for specific pressure and flow of lubricants
  • Perform minor repairs.

Please call or email any of the following individuals if you are interested in the job listed above:

Ms. Tiffany Bourque
e-Mail: tiffany@gomarineservices.com
Phone: 337-534-4323

Mr. Tim Lewis
e-Mail: tim.lewis@guiceoffshore.com
Phone: 337-889-0220

Mr. Todd Spinosa
e-Mail: todd.spinosa@guiceoffshore.com

You may also go to the following link and submit an application:

Posted May 2, 2022

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