COMPANY: Guice Offshore


The AB provides the general labor force on the vessel under the close supervision of the Captain on duty. The AB is responsible for performing the general maintenance, housekeeping, simple repairs and upkeep of the vessel. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Participating fully Safety Program
  • Actively participate in all training and drills in accordance with the SMS training plan.
  • Help ensure an adequate number of supplies are on board by notifying the Captain in a timely manner.
  • Maintain deck equipment, cargo gear, rigging, lifesaving, and fire-fighting appliance.
  • Stand lookout watches at sea and alert deck officers when other vessels, navigation marks or hazards are sighted.
  • Storing, securing cargo and splice ropes.
  • Handle rope mooring lines, gangways, and ladders when the vessel is berthing and unberthing.
  • Maintain cleanliness of decks and structures.
  • Remove rust, treat, and paint the vessel exterior and structures.
  • Assist in maintaining and repairing the engine and mechanical equipment of the vessel.
  • Sweeping, cleaning, and shoveling material out of bulk tanks.

**The above job description in not intended to encompass each individual task the AB must perform, but rather to cover the general areas and duties involved in the job.**

Please call or email any of the following individuals if you are interested in the job listed above:

Ms. Tiffany Bourque
e-Mail: tiffany@gomarineservices.com
Phone: 337-534-4323

Mr. Tim Lewis
e-Mail: tim.lewis@guiceoffshore.com
Phone: 337-889-0220

Mr. Todd Spinosa
e-Mail: todd.spinosa@guiceoffshore.com

You may also go to the following link and submit an application:

Posted May 2, 2022

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