POSITIONS: 100 Ton Captains

COMPANY: Guice Offshore



  • Captains are responsible for safely operating, managing, and navigating Company vessels in the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean, and Caribbean Sea.
  • Captains must be honest, have a strong work ethic, and be open to new and challenging projects.
  • Candidates must hold a minimum of 100 GT Master’s License. With DP Unlimited is a plus $$$. Larger licensed Captains will be considered. Operation of Multi-Purpose Vessels and Mini Supply Vessels.
  • Pay depending on experience.

Please call or email any of the following individuals if you are interested in the job listed above:

Ms. Tiffany Bourque
e-Mail: tiffany@gomarineservices.com
Phone: 337-534-4323

Mr. Tim Lewis
e-Mail: tim.lewis@guiceoffshore.com
Phone: 337-889-0220

Mr. Todd Spinosa
e-Mail: todd.spinosa@guiceoffshore.com

You may also go to the following link and submit an application:

Posted May 2, 2022

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