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POSITION: Able Bodied Seaman

COMPANY: Hornbeck Offshore

LOCATION: Covington, LA

Summary Description: Performs routine deck operations aboard the vessel, including maintaining the cleanliness of the vessel.

Position: Able-Bodied Seaman (AB).

Scope of Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Performs necessary routine maintenance, repairs, and handles ship’s business under the direction of the Mate.
  • Prepares for trip and load cargo and ship’s stores.
  • Stands watch while vessel is underway as required in order to reach destination safely and expeditiously.
  • Maintains the cleanliness of the vessel.

Required Qualifications: Possess the following valid certifications or licenses:

  • Merchant Mariners Credentials (MMC) – USCG rating of AB (OSV) and Rating Performing Part of a Navigation Watchendorsed on STCW
  • Valid Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC — minimum six (6) months prior to renewal)
  • Valid Passport (minimum six (6) months prior to renewal)
  • Valid Drivers’ License (minimum six (6) months prior to renewal)

Experience: Previous vessel experience preferred.

Demands and Work Environment: Applicants will be tested to ensure they can meet the physical demands and situational awareness while performing the tasks required for mooring and unmooring vessels, transferring rigging, laying rigging, handling lines, coupling and uncoupling loads during crane operations, moving and operating portable pumps, handling manifold connections and cargo hoses (charged and empty) across deck, assist rigging and unrigging loads (when qualified), marlinspike seamanship, assisting the engine room department (as needed), assisting in making locks or bridges, routine housekeeping duties, general maintenance, Rules of the Road (USCG) knowledge, and assisting in the navigation of the boat. These duties will be performed during all types of weather, night and day, and while the vessel is underway. Incumbents are required to use hand tools, power tools, painting equipment, and personal protective gear.
Incumbents are frequently required to move equipment that is heavy or awkward and must meet a 100 lb. lifting requirement.

Hitch may be a 28/14 day rotation (projected to be 243 days worked per year) or a 28/28 rotation (projected to be183 days worked per year) and will commence on or before 12/31/2020.

Quality Service Incentive Bonus Opportunity.

Hornbeck Offshore is an M/F/EEO/AA Employer/Vet/Disabled

Posted April 8, 2021

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