Chemical Testing Policy

Student Chemical Testing Policy

It is the policy of NMI to establish and maintain an environment free from the adverse effects of alcohol and substance abuse. The College will annually notify and inform all students of its drug and alcohol program. NMI’s Code of Conduct requires all students to refrain from using illegal drugs and abusing alcohol and/or prescription drugs. To combat the misuse and abuse of alcohol and other chemical substances, all students must abide by this policy. The College will conduct drug and alcohol testing in compliance with applicable State and Federal laws. The College will conduct mandatory drug testing as required under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Transportation for cadets and crewmembers: 

“Students with a confirmed positive tests results shall be subject to automatic dismissal from their academic program and may also be required to participate in a chemical user evaluation or rehabilitation program at his or her expense. If a student contests the positive test result and has requested a split sample testing referred to in paragraph h above, the student may remain in his or her academic program, subject to removal of safety sensitive duties, until the results of the split sample testing has been received.”

NOTE: The names of five students will be drawn at random at least once per month, and NMI is required to submit the positive results to the USCG.

Standard Sanctions for Drug-related Infractions

Although the use of marijuana is legal in some states, our students will be holding U.S.C.G. licenses which adhere to federal regulations and policies; therefore, use of marijuana and /or any illegal substance is prohibited at NMI.  NMI follows the USCG CFRs.

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