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What is HALO° Education Systems?​

If you’ve taken a course through Northeast Maritime Institute, browsed through our course catalog or simply just visited our social media pages, you may have seen that various courses mention “HALO°” and might say “provided by HALO° Education Systems”. This article is here to explain exactly what HALO° Education Systems is and how Northeast Maritime Institute is using it to break barriers in the world of maritime education, and frankly education overall.

What is HALO° Education Systems?

HALO° Education Systems is a suite of educational tools and softwares geared towards improving the quality and accessibility of maritime education and training online. HALO° Education Systems and its products are derived from Universal Design methods for learning in order to ensure that all styles of learning can be met, and that learning online can be just as hands-on, interactive and achievable as traditional, in-person education and training.

What are some of the HALO° Education Systems softwares and tools?

Right now, HALO° Education Systems has rolled out two products:

  1. The suite of HALO° Maritime Simulators
  2. HALO° Exam Monitoring Software

What does the suite of HALO° Maritime Simulators include?

The suite of HALO° Maritime Simulators is comprised of fully functional simulators which model equipment that is required to learn as a mariner. These simulators are largely represented in the Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO°) GMDSS Radio Operator Course, which can be found here. The list of simulators currently includes:

  • VHF Radio
  • MF/HF Radio
  • Handheld VHF Radio
  • Inmarsat
  • SART

There are also simulators in development which include:

  • Visual Communications/Flashing Lights
  • Sextant

For information on when these will be released, Like and Follow our Facebook page for updates.

What is the HALO° Exam Monitoring Software?

HALO° Exams is a fully automated, remote proctoring platform that provides a medium and an interface to ensure the total integrity of every assessment. It is a web application that can be accessed anywhere, anytime by downloading our application available on our website. HALO° Exams eliminates human error, bias and much of the issues identity verification and originality verification. The software offers instant, objective, and secure results without any scheduling or waiting. HALO° Exams allows exam administrators to customize the proctoring functionality and information collected for each exam. HALO° Exams employs a Recording, Lockdown and Verification workflow to create the desired integrity review. The system is designed for flexibility of use and use-case.

As of now, all online courses provided by NMI are using HALO°  Exams for all necessary examinations. To sign up for a class, take your exam and get your license/certificate online: visit

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