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What is a Merchant Mariner?

The United States Merchant Marine plays an integral role in our economy amongst many other things. If you are wondering – what exactly is a merchant mariner, what do they do and how do you become one, keep reading!

  1. The Merchant Marine is civilian-manned. The United States Merchant Marine is not a branch of the military, however they do run ships that support the Navy and other branches of the Armed Forces. Their fleet is small and is comprised of both federally-owned and privately-owned ships.
  2. You can attend a Maritime College to pursue a career in the United States Merchant Marine. To become a merchant mariner, you may want to think about attending a maritime school/college in order to move up in the ranks and pursue the career path you want. Northeast Maritime Institute’s College of Maritime Science offers a degree in Applied Science in Nautical Science in just two years, while also providing necessary certifications and licenses that will ultimately give you a head-start as a merchant mariner as opposed to those who don’t attend a maritime school.
  3. A merchant mariner must embody these three tenants of success: Honesty, Integrity and Hard-work. While the schedule and lifestyle of a merchant mariner can be grueling and busy, it is important to remember that the work you are doing does not go unnoticed. By being honest, maintaining your integrity and putting in the hard-work, you can be as successful as you’ve ever dreamed of.

More information on the United States Merchant Marine can be found here.

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