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Point Judith Kelp

Kelp (brown macroalgae) is an up-and-coming sea vegetable that offers extraordinary promise as an aquaculture product. Kelp gets everything that it requires to grow (sun, oxygen, nutrients) from the sea, so it requires zero inputs except for labor. As a healthy food and diet source, kelp is loaded with minerals – it may support the immune system, keeps inflammation at bay and provides cardiovascular benefits. Kelp is also beneficial to the environment by efficiently sequestering carbon from the oceans. Removal of carbon is a critical factor in reducing and reversing climate change. Looking forward to regenerative solutions for our planetary food security, kelp continues to float to the surface.

While developing the curriculum for the NMI Restorative Aquaculture Associate Degree Program, I was reminded of all this and constructed a “Kelp Growing 101” course. As part of my research, I read the book Eat Like a Fish by the GreenWave founder Bren Smith, which referred to Captain David Blaney and his company Point Judith Kelp. I was in dire need of kelp growing experience so I googled Point Judith Kelp Company, sent them an inquiry, and received an almost immediate reply: “Call me”. And so my kelp growing internship began. The barter was simple: kelp growing experience in return for me pitching in to help with winter preparations (kelp likes growing in 50-degree sea temperatures) with the following tasks:

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David Bill

Restorative Aquaculture Program Director
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