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Northeast Maritime Online – NEMO° Announces Global Partnership with Mintra

“We couldn’t be more excited to better support the mariners and seafarers that support and deliver maritime trade and commerce around the world with Mintra by our side.”


Northeast Maritime Institute is extremely proud to announce our global partnership with Mintra to deliver Northeast Maritime Online – NEMO° to mariners and seafarers around the world. This groundbreaking e-Learning solution promotes a more humanitarian delivery of maritime education and training with much better results. 

“The suite of nine fully online courses provide comprehensive simulation, assessment tools and examination monitoring software, which means that seafarers no longer need to undergo the follow-up onboard proficiency assessment that is usually required to achieve STCW certification. Candidates successfully completing these nine approved courses, which are pure eLearning as opposed to instructor-led in a virtual classroom setting, will be certified immediately and issued with an electronic certificate from the Northeast Maritime Online – NEMO°.

The courses are approved by the US Coast Guard National Maritime Center and the Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Administration. As Dominica-flagged vessels are whitelisted by the International Maritime Organization, any seafarers completing the courses will have certificates that are universally recognized. This means they will be considered competent and certified to work on vessels from all other flag states.”

To read the full press release, click here.

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