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Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO˚) Testimonial: Fatma Al-Ajmi

Free Professional Development Courses Provided by Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO)˚

In line with our mission to Honor the Mariner, Northeast Maritime Institute recently began offering online curriculum free of charge on Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO˚). NEMO˚ Professional Development Courses are built by experienced maritime subject matter experts who resonate with our mission to provide essential value-added courses to mariners globally.

Since the free courses were published, people who are taking the courses started to share their experience on social media spontaneously. We asked Ms. Fatma Ali Al-Ajmi to share her experience with us even more extensively:

Are you ready to grow and expand your maritime knowledge? Northeast Maritime Institute is providing professional development opportunities to maritime industry professionals through the delivery of FREE courses on Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO°)! Our newest addition, Maritime Cybersecurity Essentials, expands the suite of free course offerings which currently includes Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Essentials and Handheld VHF Radio Essentials. 

As a leading provider of online STCW training, NEMO° recognizes the need for access to training opportunities across the entire maritime industry for both onshore and onboard personnel. Introducing essential theorem and practical applications, NEMO°’s professional development courses offer so much more than memorization of concepts. For example, the Handheld VHF Radio Essentials features a fully functional online VHF simulator, and the comprehensive VTS Essentials course was built by one of the world’s leading VTS expert, Jillian Carson-Jackson. 

Maritime professionals all across the globe can use these courses to expand their knowledge and understanding of important maritime concepts. Upon course completion, you will receive a NEMO° Course Badge and certificate. Become a part of the NEMO° family today by taking one of our exciting FREE professional development courses.

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