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Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO°) is Growing in Numbers

Join thousands of mariners on Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO°) in receiving quality maritime education and training ONLINE!


Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO°) is a comprehensive online maritime learning management system providing global online maritime education, training, examination and certification for all. NEMO° saves mariners and seafarers from spending time away from home and money spent on travel to pursue their professional education, training and certification needs.  Courses are designed to support all learning styles by providing text, audio, visual and interactive tools.  Users are given theoretical lessons, periodical knowledge checks, practical applications and exam materials as they would in a typical classroom environment, better preparing them for their final assessments. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, essential workers in the maritime industry were faced with the challenge of needing to keep up with license renewals, training and education while navigating the limitations of in-person learning. Due to this, NEMO° expanded its capabilities in order to accommodate 100% online learning, training and examination for mariners across the globe.

Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO°) ensures that all mariners receive the best quality education and training through the e-learning system. With more and more users on a daily basis, NEMO° is continously developing new courses and improved updates in order to create a positive learning experience for all.

NEMO° was designed by the Northeast Maritime Institute – College of Maritime Science (NMI), the only private maritime college in the United States. NMI has trained over 65,000 seafarers since its inception and has evolved from an exam preparation center to a full-fledged maritime college offering an Associate Degree in Applied Nautical Science and training courses for professional seafarers. NMI is the primary training institution for the Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Administration and offers STCW compliant courses for seafarers world-wide.

With Dominica approved training, licenses received through NEMO° are recognized by other flag administrations and has been successful in providing certification and licensing to mariners around the world. While all of NEMO°’s courses are in English as it is required for seafarers, we also offer a range of ratings courses in Mandarin, and are constantly working on translating our courses into other languages in order to increase our reach.

Watch the video below to get an inside look at what NEMO° has to offer!

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