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Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO°) Announces Associate Training Center Agreement with AVTEC

“Providing access to maritime training based on the student’s needs and location will be life changing…”


The Alaska Vocational Technical Center (AVTEC), based in Seward, Alaska, has agreed to become an official Associate Training Center of the Northeast Maritime Institute. Under the agreement, AVTEC will utilize Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO°) to provide maritime education, training, examinations, and certification to mariners throughout the state of Alaska, including remote and rural communities supporting maritime trade and commerce. NEMO° provides maritime education, training and certification services online – anytime, anywhere, conforming to the needs of the student and their busy schedules.

AVTEC is a training center operated by the State of Alaska as a Division of the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO°) is a comprehensive online learning management system designed by Northeast Maritime Institute – College of Maritime Science based in Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

The ground-breaking online learning management system NEMO° enables people to maintain or upgrade their certificates of training, certificates of competence and licenses, prescribed by the International Convention on Standards of Training and Certification for Watchkeepers and Seafarers, 1978 (“STCW”). People have 24/7 access to educational programs of NEMO° globally. NEMO° STCW courses will keep mariners in compliance with maritime safety requirements.

People signing up for NEMO° courses are assured to receive and retain long term knowledge and enhance their proficiency. Mr. Eric R. Dawicki, President of Northeast Maritime Institute says, “We developed online maritime education and training courses on NEMO° with the aim to provide better or more comprehensive maritime education and training online than in the traditional classroom environment. By working with AVTEC, we look forward to building and developing a safer and more effective global maritime industry through maritime education and training.”

According to Mr. Morgan G. Dawicki, Director of Business Development at Northeast Maritime Institute, the cooperation with AVTEC is an exciting step forward: “NEMO° was created to facilitate training anytime, anywhere for mariners to grow their professional careers. We are truly excited to work with AVTEC to help mariners in remote places of Alaska that would otherwise have to travel great distances for training. This is truly a wonderful opportunity for Alaskan mariners to help augment their careers.”

“Providing access to maritime training based on the student’s needs and location will be life changing, especially for Alaskans living in rural communities who would not otherwise have access,” said Cathy LeCompte, Director of AVTEC. “We are very happy to be an Associate Training Center and look forward to many more Alaskans being trained for work in the maritime sector”. 

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