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Northeast Maritime Institute’s Integration of Online Learning

With the increasing demand for online learning, Northeast Maritime Institute has prepared a flexible, global solution to accommodate the needs of mariners worldwide. Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO°) is a platform which combines traditional learning with new technology, such as HALO° simulators, to deliver a rigorous education for all types of mariners.

Courses available through NEMO° are wide-ranging, from the first ever online GMDSS course to courses in Engine Room Management and Meteorology. In addition, revalidations for courses such as Basic Safety Training and Firefighting are available. To provide the best education for mariners, NEMO°’s courses are each divided into easy to follow chapters, each of which covers a certain portion of its respective course. Within each chapter, readings are accompanied by videos, interactive graphs and HALO° simulators, providing students with a well-rounded approach to learning in each course. Throughout the course, there are knowledge checks for students to check their progress and understanding of the material. At the end of each chapter is a chapter quiz, with a minimum passing score to ensure the course material is understood well by each student. At the end of the course, exam preparation material is available, and with lifetime access, mariners can continue to come back to their courses whenever a refresher is needed.

One of the greatest challenges in transitioning to online learning is how to incorporate the hands-on aspect of maritime training into lessons, since practical application is a large part of the industry. With HALO° simulators embedded in both the courses and exams, getting a chance to practice with real instruments like VHF, Inmarsat, and EPIRB remains a reality. Although in a different setting than a traditional classroom, the experience remains the same. HALO° is also prominent during exams, providing facial recognition software and a secure place for mariners to take their exams anywhere, at any time. Coming into a classroom may not be a feasible option, and with HALO° exam technology there is a lot more flexibility in where, when, and in what environment an exam is taken.

halo gmdss simulators

Using NEMO° for online education is a great and easy way to get into the maritime industry or to continue to advance in your career. With dozens of courses – whether you’re looking for certification by the U.S. Coast Guard, STCW, or Dominica – and plenty of resources to help you along the way, NEMO° is the perfect place to begin your online maritime education training.

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