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Northeast Maritime Institute Foundation Mariner Education Endowment Campaign

The Northeast Maritime Institute Foundation, a charitable 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, is proud to announce the establishment of a Mariner Education Endowment to provide scholarship and support to students pursuing careers in the U.S. maritime industry.  This exciting initiative to develop a $1 million endowment will provide annual funding to students attending the Northeast Maritime Institute – College of Maritime Science. We are reaching out today for your support in making this vision a reality.  
Northeast Maritime Institute (“NMI”) is the nation’s premiere private maritime college and is regarded for developing career opportunities for mariners since 1981. To date, NMI has trained over 70,000 professional mariners in its continuing education and higher education programs. The College of Maritime Science, established in 2014, has proven to develop competent, ethical, and hardworking mariners who are operating and leading the U.S. maritime industry.  
With over a ninety percent job placement rate, it has become more evident that companies and patrons of the industry are benefiting from NMI’s qualified graduates. To expand financial access to this educational opportunity, the NMI Foundation is establishing an endowment that to provide long-term and sustainable scholarship funding.

We have set an initial fundraising goal of $1 million. A single donor has generously committed to a 1:3 matching donation up to $250,000, which puts us on track to reach our goal of $1 million. Help us raise the remaining $750,000 so we can guarantee that students have an equal opportunity to receive a quality, hands-on education at Northeast Maritime Institute’s College of Maritime Science. 
Please keep in mind that donations to the NMI Foundation are fully tax deductible. If you would like to discuss making a donation to the NMI Foundation’s Mariner Education Endowment, please contact the Endowment Coordinator, Hannah Dawicki, at The Foundation also accepts nominal donations Online and via Check. To learn more about how to donate, please visit this link: 

We thank you for taking the time to consider contributing to the Mariner Education Endowment. With your support, we can help ensure that NMI continues to #HonorTheMariner. 

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