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2022 Northeast Aquaculture Conference and Exposition

The biennial Northeast Aquaculture Conference and Exposition convened in Portland, Maine on April 27-29, 2022. Attendees included aquaculture industry producers, resource managers, researchers and students. The NACE program included:

  • 35 sessions on finfish, sea vegetables and shellfish culture
  • 3 informative workshops
  • 7 field trips to area aquafarms and research facilities
  • A trade show including major aquaculture vendors from across North America
2022 NACE
2022 Northeast Aquaculture Conference and Exposition via

The NACE Program and Abstracts published the following description of Captain Bill’s “Post-Secondary Workforce Development” presentation:

“Northeast Maritime Institute (NMI) has served the maritime community as a premier professional maritime training institution. NMI is developing comprehensive educational, industry collaboration, and community outreach programing in Restorative Aquaculture. Since the collapse of the New England ground fishing industry, the continuous threat of the diminishing global wild fish stocks, climate change impacts on food production, and community food security concerns, aquaculture offers some viable and hopeful restorative solutions to these dire challenges. The NMI associates degree education and training program prepares graduates for entering the aquaculture work force with a regenerative mindset. Concentration in recirculating aquaculture, fin-fish aquaculture, shellfish aquaculture, or macroalgae will be customized by each student’s passion and directed choice during two summer externships and a final capstone project. The academic program will incorporate extensive daily hands-on, experiential fieldwork on NMI’s two aquaculture farm leases and with our enthusiastic industry partners. A graduate of the NMI Restorative Aquaculture degree program will be fundamentally equipped and have the mindset to enter the aquaculture workforce or matriculate for future study in an undergraduate program or start their own aquaculture business.”

Needless to say, the NMI Restorative Aquaculture Program’s “Post-Secondary Workforce Development” presentation was entirely well received and appreciated by the NACE audience. It was an honor to present our unique and outstanding program to the aquaculture industry.

Click here to learn more about NMI’s Office of Restorative Aquaculture.

David Bill

Restorative Aquaculture Program Director
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