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What is Northeast Maritime Institute Doing to Flatten the Curve During the COVID-19 Outbreak?

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - All online maritime professional training/certification courses are now approved for their respective exams to be taken ONLINE through NMI's HALO Exam Monitoring Software. No travel necessary.

It should be to no surprise that like many other schools, universities and training providers, Northeast Maritime Institute is taking all the necessary precautions in order to maintain and support the health and safety of our community. While this is of high importance, we are aware that this phrase of “taking the necessary precautions” is being said over and over again, blasted throughout your email from any business you’ve ever heard of, often with no further context.

We are here to tell you exactly what the Institute is doing, what those precautions entail, and how NMI is flattening the curve amidst this difficult time.

  1. All essential employees will continue to work from home until it is confirmed safe and appropriate to return to campus. Our staff, faculty and volunteers are dedicated to serving our students and customers while practicing social distancing and ensuring that the quality of service remains the same and meets the NMI standards.
  2. While the Institute has offered a variety of online licensing and certification courses for quite some time, the United States Coast Guard has now approved an online exam monitoring software provided by Northeast Maritime Institute’s suite of educational systems – HALO°, which will allow mariners to learn theory, engage in practical exercises, take their exam securely, and receive a certificate 100% online. This is unprecedented in the industry, and is a GAME CHANGER for the current circumstances. For a listing of all our online courses delivered through Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO°), available to take whenever, wherever and at your own pace, visit
  3. For the college program, Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO°), our e-learning system, is continuing to provide a platform for the Applied Science and Nautical Science degree students to ensure that they stay on track with their educational goals. Our staff and faculty is proud to be delivering a high-standard of educational content through NEMO° and will continue to do daily check-ins, video lectures and anything else our students need. Without NEMO°, this transition from traditional learning to learning online wouldn’t be possible for us, so we are so, so thankful for this platform.

Northeast Maritime Institute is not shying away from the fears, worries and seriousness that COVID-19 presents. Every day is a new day, and during a time where nothing like this has been seen before, we are committed to setting new, innovated standards for how to deliver high quality content without travel or the need to come to a training or testing facility. Online learning is more important than ever, and with Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO°) and the HALO° technology, mariners can have a peace of mind that their training and certification needs can still be met with excellence. Again, for a complete listing of all online courses being offered, visit

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