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Official HALO° Examination Monitoring System Press Release

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2 November 2020


– A virtual examination and monitoring software accessible anytime, anywhere –

FAIRHAVEN, MA – HALO° Examination Monitoring System (HALO°) is an online examination software that can be used to deliver secure and authentic virtual examinations for any educational institution, company, or agency requiring training and certification with the utmost integrity. This automated software utilizes artificial intelligence developed by enhanced intelligence gathering techniques to monitor users to identify possible cheating. All exam attempts are provided additional expert human analysis for verification. As a web-based application, the HALO° Examination Monitoring System can be utilized by users and administrators anytime, anywhere.

Although the software was being developed prior to COVID-19, HALO°’s development process was sped up greatly due to the overwhelming need for ethical online educational tools and systems worldwide. The Northeast Maritime Institute College of Maritime Science (NMI) was HALO°’s first customer. The ability to deliver online education, training, and certification for both its Higher Education and Continuing Education programs during COVID-19 was a great success for NMI and a lifesaver for the mariners who needed training to get back to work.

HALO° utilizes artificial intelligence within its multi-layered video monitoring feature as part of its recording, lockdown, and verification workflow to ensure the integrity of each examination attempt and is in the process of being patented. The built-in analysis feature reduces
the opportunity for human error, bias and many of the issues surrounding identity verification often faced in traditional examination environments. HALO° offers instant, objective, and secure technology-driven examination session analysis with additional human review from an experienced team of auditors. HALO° exams does not require the presence of a human auditor to start or monitor exam attempts in real time, allowing users to take exams at their leisure based on the parameters provided by the administrator – a critical function in creating an easier and less stressful environment for test takers.

“Not only does HALO° promote global, secure examination accessibility, but it also mitigates the risk of dishonesty among users,” said Eric R. Dawicki, president of Northeast Maritime Institute and the concept architect of HALO°. “The COVID-19 experience has pushed us to use the system ahead of schedule for our own purposes, but the results have been surprisingly positive.”

The human element involved in the examination review process works in conjunction with the facial recognition intelligence, providing an ethical structure to how each exam is approved or denied. In comparison to various testing platforms that have emerged amidst COVID-19, HALO° does not rely solely on artificial intelligence or human review, which has shown to yield faulty examination attempts at the expense of the test taker. The multilayered review process maintains the integrity of each exam attempt, leaving users with full confidence that their exam is fairly and justly reviewed.

HALO° is available for use by any other schools, colleges, universities, companies, and agencies in need of online tools to educate, train, examine and assess their users. HALO°’s flexibility allows administrators to customize HALO° Exam’s proctoring functions and data-collection parameters to suit their specific needs, providing an affordable and flexible exam proctoring solution.

HALO° Education Systems has also collaborated with the Northeast Maritime Institute to develop online HALO° Maritime Simulators, comprising of fully functional simulators modeling shipboard equipment that allows for realistic, online experiential-based learning.

HALO°’s team of developers, engineers and educators are poised to expand their educational solution to institutions beyond maritime education with the overall mission to deliver tools that encompass and promote all styles of learning, making the integration of education and technology accessible to all.

To learn more or to inquire about using the HALO° Examination Monitoring System, visit:


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