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Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO°): A Global Solution for Maritime Training

NEMO - Northeast Maritime Online | Maritime Training Online

In the past couple of months, the demand and interest for online learning has grown significantly. Especially in the maritime industry, where many professionals are often at sea and unable to attend in person classes, online courses are becoming more sought out. With Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO°), every mariner has the opportunity to engage in e-learning which is available globally, at any time. NEMO° offers diverse courses approved by the USCG National Maritime Center and the Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Administration, and also offers STCW Training courses. Combining the use of graphics, simulators, video, print, as well as audio, NEMO° courses aim to provide mariners at all levels with the tools to further their career. Our course catalog allows you to browse all of our offered courses in order to find the one that best suits your needs.

NMI continues to ‘Honor the Mariner’ through NEMO° by providing a cost-effective way for mariners to complete their license, renewal of, or addition of qualifications at any point on the globe with an internet connection. With NEMO° courses, mariners will get lifetime access, being able to brush up on skills or lessons at any time. In addition, NEMO° is working on offering multilingual courses, giving even more mariners access to this global e-training platform. Currently, STCW Ratings packages are available in Mandarin.

NEMO° is proud to present the first ever online GMDSS course, with options for both Dominica and USCG approved. Other course options which meet USCG requirements include Advanced Firefighting, Basic Safety Training, Radar Observer, and Ocean/Celestial Navigation. For Dominica courses, options include Engine Room Resource Management, Ship Security Officer, and Able Seafarer Deck or Engine. Some Dominica courses are also available as a bundle.

NEMO° also utilizes NMI’s new HALO° software, for both exam and in-course simulators. This technology gives mariners the opportunity to practice on high end technology online, and also allows for them to take their exams in a secure setting any time, anywhere. In addition, NEMO° provides various exam preparation materials which will help you succeed!

Exam Prep Materials

NEMO° pushes past the traditional classroom setting in providing a contemporary learning experience for mariners, where the training can be conducted globally, not just from a desk. Diverse courses make NEMO° an asset for every mariner looking to progress in the industry, and the technology implemented into these courses provides in-depth and real-life information and situations which makes NEMO° a valuable tool for the maritime industry.

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