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HALO°: Online Learning Amidst COVID-19

Amidst COVID-19, all academic institutions worldwide have been forced to look for online learning solutions and alternatives. In response to this shift in online education, Northeast Maritime Institute has continued to further develop its comprehensive online learning and examination software – HALO° – so that we could provide a solution to aid mariners during this time.

HALO° Education Systems is a conglomeration of educationalHALO Education Systems logo tools and  software that is oriented towards continuing the improvement of quality and accessibility of maritime education and online training. HALO° ensures that all mariner’s learning needs are met and provides them with interactive learning that is just as hands-on as traditional in-person courses.

There is a high demand for secure, remote examination methods which has resulted in different educational institutions showing interest in absorbing the software into their own systems. HALO° has proven reliable and successful to-date, reaching students around the globe to complete required license-related exams without the need to travel from home or their vessel.

HALO° offers instant, objective, and safeguarded technology-driven examination session analysis with an additional review from an expert team of human auditors. This eliminates human error, bias and many of the other issues surrounding identity verification and originality verification often faced by online examination systems.

With 24/7 on-demand testing availability, HALO° is a convenient and secure test-taking platform for students everywhere. Not only does it provide a current solution, allowing people the option to receive an education online, but it also provides future benefits, as people can save both time and money by avoiding travel when in need of taking a course or an examination.

To learn more about HALO°, read NMI’s article “What is HALO° Education Systems?” here:

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