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How NMI Transformed a Bank into a Student Center

If you hadn’t noticed by the unique vault located in the main study area, Northeast Maritime Institute’s Brigantine Hall used to be a historic bank in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. While it had not operated as a bank for many years, the building remained on Center Street – conveniently in the center of the NMI campus. Once the building was acquired by the Institute in the Summer of 2018, the renovations began right away with help from students and the community. 

Fast forward to present day, Brigantine Hall is one of the best spots on campus. Functioning as a Student Center, Brigantine is the hub for not only studying and tutoring, but games, food, movies and more! It is where our Nautical Science college students can bond over friendly competitive games, view the legacies of past cohorts represented by their class burgees, and enjoy movie night in their very own movie theater! Along with the fun, student services and office hours can be found on the main level of Brigantine Hall as the layout of the building provides a great atmosphere for studying. Take a look at some before and after photos below.

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