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Benefits of Using NEMO° and HALO° to Further your Maritime Career

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Northeast Maritime Institute has been providing high-quality maritime education and training for mariners since 1995. In fact, NMI was the first school in the nation to develop STCW courses, starting with a Cold Water Survival Course that met the requirements section A-VI/1-1 of the STCW Code. As the years went on and as technology continued to improve, the need for online education and training became pertinent to the ever-growing industry, which is why Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO°) and the HALO° Education Systems were developed.

You may be wondering – what is Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO°)?

Well, Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO°) is a comprehensive maritime e-Learning system designed to bring quality maritime training to any mariner, anytime anywhere! NEMO° is designed to administer online maritime education for every kind of learner through reading, graphics, video, and even simulator exercises. NEMO° offers many different maritime training courses online, including U.S. Coast Guard approved courses, STCW Training Courses, Commonwealth of Dominica Registry approved courses, with many more on the way.

Now – are you curious what the HALO° Education Systems are?

HALO° Education Systems is a suite of educational tools, with the HALO° Maritime Simulators and the HALO° Exams Monitoring Software being the first two products to roll out. The HALO° simulators will be found in various courses provided by NEMO°, and HALO° Exams is now available for users to complete required exams online.

Now that you have an idea of what NEMO° and HALO° are – let’s talk about the WHY… Below are the top 4 reasons why these softwares are beneficial to furthering your career in the maritime industry:

  1. Save money – paying for courses can add up quickly. Often people are coming from out-of-state or out of the country just so they can take a course and get their licenses which means they incur a lot of travel and housing costs on top of the course price itself. With NEMO° and HALO°, all one has to do is pay for the course and they can take it in the comfort of their home, on a ship or wherever they please without having to pay for travel. In addition, online courses are typically cheaper on their own because you eliminate the cost of paying an instructor to be present.
  2. Save time – as with money, time is an extremely valuable thing. Not only does not having to travel save you money, but it saves you the time that you could be spending with your family. We do not want mariners to have to spend all their hard-earned vacation time traveling and renting hotels just to get their education and training.
  3. Direct help line – with e-learning through NEMO° and HALO°, you will have a direct line for any technical issues that occur. will be available during all working hours of the day, and if questions arise outside of those hours you will not wait longer than 48 hours for a response.
  4. Adaptive to all types of learners – lastly, all online courses provided by NEMO° are designed with all learning styles in mind. With the addition of text, audio, interactive and visual elements, this helps to eliminate any educational barriers that may occur.

To browse the USCG and international online courses offered by Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO°), visit

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