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An Interview with NMI Alumnus Antawn Mills

Antawn Mills graduation photo

Antawn Mills came to NMI with a purpose. His purpose was to create a life that was going to give him financial independence and a life of adventure. Since graduation, Antawn has worked for the two of the largest offshore supply companies in the United States starting off as an Able Bodied Seaman, moved up to Mate and relief Captain in just two years. The skills that he learned at NMI have been paramount to his success, but he truly represents the ideals of NMI’s three tenets of success – honesty, integrity and hard work. President of Northeast Maritime Institute Eric R. Dawicki expresses, “Antawn is the poster child for turning his life around and becoming an incredible success story”.

So, we asked Antawn a few questions:

Q: Are there any advice or lessons that stand out to you which you have learned over the past year?

A: Always remain humble and don’t be afraid to ask questions, Antawn says.

Q: What has been your favorite part about working in the industry so far?

A: Working on a live boat. I get to test my skills everyday at the rig, without speed limits, Antawn says.

Q: What is your favorite recipe to make onboard?

A: Seafood gumbo with potato salad and white rice, Antawn says.

Wow! Looks like Antawn has been up to some exciting stuff. We love hearing from former students to see where life has taken them after NMI. Antawn also continues to further his maritime training and education with our professional continuing ed courses. He is able to take our online courses right on his ship! 

If you are interested in becoming a mariner like Antawn and conquer the sea. Check out our college program:

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Check out some of the photos that Antawn has sent us below!

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