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How Seatrade is using NEMO˚ to enhance the growth mindset of employees

Kor Wormmeester, crewing manager at Seatrade, shares his experience using the fast growing online maritime education and training portal, NEMO˚, its associated online examination monitoring platform, HALO˚ Examination Monitoring System, and how the connection to the Dominica Maritime Administration allows the direct issuance of Certificate of Competences for professional mariners around the world.

Seatrade is a shipping company, operating a fleet of 51 specialized Reefer and Reefer Container vessels. This international shipping company is a market leader in specialized refrigerated shipping and logistics.

Northeast Maritime Institute offers online education tools through the Northeast Maritime Online – NEMO° platform. NEMO°’s international STCW and USCG approved courses, exams and simulators are available fully online. NEMO° courses and HALO° exams and simulators empower individual mariners to stay educated, competent and compliant, especially during the tumultuous days of COVID19. Mr. Kor Wormmeester explains how maritime employers can benefit from these tools. Kor spent 20 years working at sea and has worked ashore in Crewing for 23 years, the past 17 years of which he has spent as a crewing Manager. Kor has dedicated his career to serving the mariners that are working on Seatrade vessels globally.

We interviewed Kor to learn more about how he invests in his employees, why High Impact Learning (HIL) is important and his thoughts on how NEMO° and HALO° can benefit those working within the maritime sector.

Seatrade is known for always moving forward, which allowed the company to grow and expand globally. Could you share how you invest in the growth, education and development of your employees?

“Basically, this is a matter of mindset. A company needs a growth mindset in order to really see the need for investing in its employees. This means not only just compliance driven, which too often is also qualified as an investment. At Seatrade, we want to provide an environment for a full career development journey. We are pro-actively working on development of competences of the people that are working with us. Making this happen requires hard work, persistence, and patience. It is a lifelong journey.

“We are transforming the way we do our business following the HILO principles, which stands for High Impact Learning Organization. This allows growth as intended.”

Why is it important to invest in High Impact Learning as an Organization?

“Asking ‘Why” basically is the first question. I believe in people, and especially in Seafarers. They deserve a better standing and working environment, which cannot be solved by technology only. No matter how autonomous, or much automation we want to get on board of vessels, the Human element remains. It needs to be the starting point. Focus on humans, and better results will follow. The HILO environment makes this possible.

“It is my firm believe that regardless of the nature of your business, a human centered approach is essential. When we all have this focus, the world will be a better place.”

How did you ‘discover’ NEMO° and HALO°?

“We learned about NEMO° the traditional way. We grabbed a coffee with Eva Lianne Veldkamp from NMI, and the ball started to roll after she told us more about Northeast Maritime Institute, the Dominica Maritime Administration and the online learning, examination and simulation tools of NEMO° and HALO°.”

What do you think about our online education tools? And what makes us different from others?

“NEMO° is made by Seafarers for Seafarers, that makes a difference. Content and the possibilities are beyond the scope of an average learning tool. The connection of NEMO° to the Dominica Maritime Administration, allows the issuance of a Certificate of Competence by a “white listed” flag state. And I believe the examination tool is unique.

“It is a start-to-end-tool, while many other systems provide only just parts for a learning journey.”

What is your experience with Northeast Maritime Online in terms of personal relations?

“There basically is an instant connection, since the people of Northeast Maritime Institute understand the core of the maritime business. That is why doing business with them is making it a special experience. The Northeast Maritime Institute – College of Maritime Science is based is in a coastal area of the USA where Seatrade vessels I worked on used to call frequently during my seafaring days. These good memories are adding an extra flavour.”

Would you recommend other shipowners, shipmanangers or crewing agencies to use NEMO°?

“I do recommend the cooperation with Northeast Maritime Institute to others. In the Maritime world, too often companies start inventing the wheel over and over again, they spend resources and time on something that is already existing. NEMO° provides an excellent basis and has the possibilities to expand and adapt to the company specific needs as well.

“Our industry is in need of a new and modern, Human centered HR policy and system. NEMO° will be an excellent partner in that journey towards a better future.”

Are you ready to grow and expand your maritime knowledge? Northeast Maritime Institute is providing professional development opportunities to maritime industry professionals through the delivery of FREE courses on Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO°)! Our newest addition, Maritime Cybersecurity Essentials, expands the suite of free course offerings which currently includes Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Essentials and Handheld VHF Radio Essentials. 

As a leading provider of online STCW training, NEMO° recognizes the need for access to training opportunities across the entire maritime industry for both onshore and onboard personnel. Introducing essential theorem and practical applications, NEMO°’s professional development courses offer so much more than memorization of concepts. For example, the Handheld VHF Radio Essentials features a fully functional online VHF simulator, and the comprehensive VTS Essentials course was built by one of the world’s leading VTS expert, Jillian Carson-Jackson. 

Maritime professionals all across the globe can use these courses to expand their knowledge and understanding of important maritime concepts. Upon course completion, you will receive a NEMO° Course Badge and certificate. Become a part of the NEMO° family today by taking one of our exciting FREE professional development courses.

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