Northeast Maritime Institute (NMI) is proud to announce the launch of Northeast Maritime Online or "NEMO," which is one of the first Comprehensive Maritime Learning Management Systems (LMS) specifically designed for administering, documenting, tracking, reporting and delivering electronic maritime education and training technology on board vessels, at home or any place where a mariner can log onto the Internet.   NMI Online is driven through Northeast Maritime Institute’s creed to “Honor the Mariner”.  We believe strongly that it is time to facilitate an educational system that meets all of the objectives of STCW, but pushes learning outcomes further than ever.


You can access U.S. Coast Guard Approved Courses and Examination Preparation Materials to further your maritime career, just click one of the links below!



Here's a video on how to log onto our NEMO° System:

NEMO provides convenient online maritime training without travel or extended time away from home or work, which allows companies to cut costs while maintaining efficiency and a high standard of training as well as supports retention of hard working maritime personnel.  NMI Online was developed specifically to improve the education and training opportunities for the mariner to have access to, all while improving the well-being of the individual mariner, to keep them connected to their family and to reduce the amount of time a mariner must spend undertaking training away from home, in turn improving quality of life and employment satisfaction of individuals who participate in this training program.



It has become more evident that the requirements for maritime education and training and certification have significantly added financial and personal stress and far too time consuming for the mariner to realize all of the requirements that are being demanded from this system.  The ever growing requirements have started to adversely affect the well-being of the mariner, the mariner’s family, his much deserved time at home and his ability to connect with mainstream society. NEMO is driven to correct these difficulties whilst improving learning objectives and performance management.  Enhanced operational outcomes compounded by improving a seafarer lives are geared to enhance career options and a mariner’s ability to stay connected with home are destined to be improved overnight through the NEMO portal.



Courses delivered through NEMO are created to meet the objectives of the International Convention on Standards of Training and Certification for Watchkeepers and Seafarers, 1978, as amended.   The courses can be customizable and can be delivered exclusively online, blended with online and onsite programming and scheduled at an employee’s convenience.  The versatility of NEMO allows companies to reduce costs, reduce time and increase employee retention rates.